WORKMAN BY DESIGN'S SHOP was established in June 2016 by Sarah Workman Haug. Her family’s lives would have been much different had her grandfather, B.D. Workman, not experienced inner-family adoption. He was adopted by his step-grandfather and by this act of love was given the name Workman. Sarah soon learned that inner-family adoptions are not supported by the government and it is up to the families to generate the funds to make these adoptions legal. Therefore, Sarah began to establish a socially responsible business model that would be sustainable and give back to her community. By donating a percentage of Workman By Design’s shop profit to Project 2713-a non-profit started by Sarah-there would now be funding for inner-family adoptions, as well as, supporting local adoptions. Workman By Design’s merchandise is currently showcased in retail stores in Denton and Fort Worth, Texas.


Where Project 2713 Gives

We are based in Parker County, Texas, on the outskirts of Fort Worth. There were 16,378 minors in the foster care system throughout Texas in 2015, including 309 from Parker County. Each purchase from Workman By Design helps these children find a permanent home by supporting Project 2713.

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Where Project 2713 currently gives.

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Where Project 2713 plans to give.


How you can help


Share your adoption story with us and we will share it on our blog.


We give a percentage of our shops profit to Project 2713.


Donate to Project 2713 directly!


Start a fundraising page at